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To celebrate their 40th year in the UK, McDonald's are currently offering a promotion where they are giving away free products. Redemption codes are required to claim any of the products. You can get these codes for free here, simply click on the products you want. In order to claim the free products you will first need to enter the codes into the McDonald's UK app (available on Google Play and App Store). Once activated on the mobile app, codes last for 7 days. These codes can be activated until 21/10/2014 and any codes created on this day will expire on 28/10/2014. If no codes are available, do not panic, I will add more as soon as I can.

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I will be publicly releasing the method in a blog post about my experience of this promotion after it has finished. That'll be located at in due course.
I don't know. If there are no codes available then I will add more as soon as I can unless I currently cannot generate codes (which is usually because there is something wrong with McDonald's site). Check the status on the main page for up to date information regarding this.

There could be various reasons, but essentially anyone who obtains codes that you share an internet connection with will also contribute to this limit. In this case I advise using your mobile data (3G/4G) when browsing the site.

If you are at a workplace or in accomodation halls then this will be particularly problematic. If you can't use mobile data, then email me from your workplace email or email as proof and I will happily send you some codes (if I have any to give).

That depends. Some people have been fortunate and have not had any restrictions posed on them, whereas others have been limited to redeeiming one voucher per day. My advise is to ask to speak to the manager of the store and explain that the T&C's do not state a limit. You can even show them the T&C's on your phone as proof (there's a link on the same place where you enter the voucher codes). Obviously do not tell them that you got the codes from this site, instead explain you were sent them by McDonald's on Twitter or Facebook.

Please be considerate and understand that as this application is being offered completely free of charge it is not hosted on top quality hardware.

Hence everyone will be limited to claiming 10 codes per 24 hour period, which should be more than plenty!

Don't be greedy!

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Unhappy with this limitation for whatever reason? Please email me.

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Note: you can only retrieve 10 codes per 24 hour period.